Construction Estimating Using Excel

Construction Estimating Using Excel

Item #: 280-9831-06
Author: Steven J. Peterson
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0131719831
Format: Paperback

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Eliminate estimating errors with Construction Estimating Using Excel!

Construction Estimating with Excel introduces readers to the fundamental principles of estimating and includes drawing sets, real-world exercises, and examples that give beginners critical estimating experience. The book moves step-by-step through the estimating process, discussing the art of estimating, the quantity takeoff, how to put costs to the estimate and how to finalize the bid. It is also the first text to demonstrate how Microsoft Excel can be used to improve the estimating process. Because it introduces spreadsheets as a way of increasing estimating productivity and accuracy, the book can help both beginning and experienced estimators improve their skills. 560 pp

Construction Estimating Using Excel - Table of Contents:

  • Part I: Instruction To Estimating
    • The Art of Estimating
    • Overview of the Estimating and Bidding Process
    • Introduction to Excel
  • Part II: The Quantity Takeoff
    • Fundamentals of the Quantity Takeoff
    • Concrete
    • Masonry
    • Metals
    • Woods, Plastics, and Composites
    • Thermal and Moisture Protection
    • Openings
    • Finishes
    • Fire Suppression
    • Plumbing
    • HVAC
    • Electrical
    • Earthwork
    • Exterior Improvements
    • Utilities
  • Part III: Putting Costs To The Estimate
    • Material Pricing
    • Labor Productivity and Hours
    • Labor Rates
    • Equipment Costs
    • Crew Rates
    • Subcontract Pricing
    • Markups
    • Pricing Extensions
    • Avoiding Errors in Estimates
  • Part IV: Finalizing The Bid
    • Submitting the Bid
    • Project Buyout
    • The Estimate as the Basis of the Schedule
    • Ethics
  • Part V: Advance Estimating With Excel
    • Converting Exiting Forms
    • Creating New Forms
    • Proposals and Beyond.
  • Appendix A: Review Of Estimating Math
  • Appendix B: Sample Job Cost Codes
  • Appendix C: Sample Labor Productivity Rates
  • Appendix D: Model Scopes Of Work
  • Appendix E: Glossary
  • Appendix F: Drawing Sets


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