Estimating With Microsoft Excel

Estimating With Microsoft Excel

Item #: 4588
ISBN: 0-86718-549-X
ISBN13: 978-0867185492
Author: Jay Christofferson
Publisher: Craftsman
Format: Paperback/CD

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Reduce construction estimating time using Excel

Computerized estimating has become the standard in the construction industry over the last 15 years. As companies have computerized, they first worked on their accounting operations. The next priority for most builders has been to computerize their estimating functions. Of all the estimating programs that are available, the most widely used program in residential construction estimating is a simple spreadsheet.

In his book, Estimating with Microsoft® Excel: Unlocking the Power for Home Builders, Jay Christofferson gives you step-by-step instructions on how to create a powerful spreadsheet estimating program that meets the needs of home builders.

Jay is one of the leading experts in computerized estimating for home builders. He is a builder and has also helped other builders all around the country develop better management systems for their operations.

Excel is one of the most powerful tools any home builder can use. For most builders it can be just as powerful as your vehicle or your cellular phone and can bring you the same return. Jay does just what the title implies, he shows you how to unlock the power of Excel. He explains how to make it simple enough for anyone to use and yet powerful enough for you to base important management decisions on the information you generate from it.

Jay's approach to estimating is so simple anyone can learn it and yet so well thought-out that you can estimate everything needed to build a house three different ways:

  • Estimating every stick and brick
  • Subcontractor bids
  • Unit price estimating for each phase
For most home builders computerized estimating accomplishes three major objectives.
  1. It is much faster (many builders can complete an entire detailed estimate in 3-4 hours instead of 3-4 days).
  2. It improves the accuracy of your estimates. Even though estimates are completed quicker, they are also much more accurate.
  3. Your estimate is more organized. It flows from the beginning of construction to the end and it breaks down the separate work packages by vendor. This makes purchasing and cost control much easier.
138 pp.

A CD-ROM is included with this book. It contains the following files:

  • Chapter 1.xls
  • Chapter 2 Cost Breakdown Summary.xls
  • Chapter 2 Database.xls
  • Chapter 3 Cost Breakdown Summary.xls
  • Chapter 4 Finish.xls
  • Chapter 4 start.xls
  • Chapter 5 Linking Finish.xls
  • Chapter 5 Linking Start.xls
  • Chapter 6 Formulas Finish.xls
  • Chapter 6 Formulas Start.xls
  • Chapter 7 Interest & Profit.xls
  • Chapter 8 Macros.xls
  • Chapter 9 Embedded Excel Object.doc
  • Chapter 9 Excel Table Copy-Paste.doc
  • Chapter 9 Integration Comma Delimited.doc
  • Chapter 9 Integration Comma Delimited.txt
  • Chapter 9 Integration PlanDB AutoFilter.xls
  • Chapter 9 Integration Tab-Delimited File.xls
  • Sample ConstructionSoft Estimator.xlt
  • Schedule Activities.xls
  • Schedule letter.doc
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