InchMate®+ by Sonin®

Item #: 250-0110-04
Author: Sonin Inc.
Publisher: Sonin Inc.
Format: Calculator

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InchMate is for professionals who work with dimensions!

Features & Applications:

If you build or design things you know the importance of working with accurate dimensions. The most frustrating and costly construction headaches can usually be traced to dimensional errors.

InchMate+ is a calculator for people who work with dimensions. The simple measurements - Foot-Inch-Fraction (or fif)-you make with rulers and tape measures become difficult and tedious when you try to add and subtract them...let alone multiply and divide. InchMate+ calculates these dimensions automatically.

InchMate+ was designed to be incredibly easy to use. It has a patented "self-prompting" system leading you through the process of entering Foot-Inch-Fraction (or fif) dimensions.

InchMate+ accepts inputs to 1/16"...the practical limit of accuracy for common building and design projects.


  • Foot/Inch/Fraction + Triangle Calculator
  • Instantly converts between feet/inches/fractions, decimal feet and meters - at the touch of a button
  • Triangle calculation keys solve for rise, run, diagonal, or slope of any right triangle
  • Patented, user friendly entry system with dedicated fraction keys
  • Full 6-function calculator including memory, square & square root
  • Long lasting lithium battery with auto-off feature
  • Tough protective case with write-on strip


  • Cabinetmakers
  • Construction Trade
  • Do-it Yourselfers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Interior Designers
  • Space Planners
  • Architects
  • Builders
  • CAD Users
  • Carpenters
  • Contractors
  • Designers
  • Draftsmen
  • Engineers
  • Estimators
  • Homemakers
  • Students
  • & You!
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