Sweets Repair and Remodel Cost Guide 2011

Sweets Repair and Remodel Cost Guide 2011

Item #: 310-5287-11
ISBN: 1557016984
ISBN13: 9781557016980
Publisher: BNI Books
Manufacturer: BNI Books
Format: Paperback
Product Type: 2011 Construction Estimating

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The newly updated 2010 Edition of Sweets Repair and Remodel Cost Guide

Keep your estimates, bids, specifications, and cost checks right on target with precise, thoroughly researched unit construction costs. Ensure data accuracy to your region with Sweets 1,000+ location modifiers. Here are the data and calculation tools you need to compute all the repair and remodel costs on your next job accurately - including overhead & profit, and come in at or below budget. Get data for: Demolition  Sitework  Concrete & Masonry  Metals  Woods & Plastics  Thermal & Moisture Protection  Doors & Windows  Finishes  Specialties  Equipment  Furnishings  Special Construction  Conveying Systems Mechanical Systems  Electrical Systems  Crew Data  MORE

The cost data you need every day - in CSI MASTERFORMAT with Geographic Cost Modifiers Over 14,000 updated component costs - for virtually every area of repair and remodeling construction.

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