2011 National Home Improvement Estimator w/ CD-ROM

2011 National Home Improvement Estimator w/ CD-ROM

Item #: 310-1508-11
ISBN: 1572182466
ISBN13: 9781572182462
Publisher: Craftsman
Manufacturer: Craftsman
Format: Paperback/CD
Product Type: 2011 Construction Estimating

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Keep your estimates up to date with the 2011 National Home Improvement Estimator

Current labor and material prices for home improvement projects. Provides manhours for each job, recommended crew size, and the labor cost for the removal and installation work. Material prices are current, with location adjustment factors and free monthly updates on the Web. Gives step-by-step instructions for the work, with helpful diagrams, and home improvement shortcuts and tips from an expert.

Includes a CD-ROM with an electronic version of the book, and National Estimator, a stand-alone Windows estimating program, plus an interactive multimedia tutorial that shows how to use the disk to compile home improvement cost estimates.

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