2010 RS Means CostWorks Building Professional Package

2010 RS Means CostWorks Building Professional Package

Item #: 310-5528-10
Publisher: RS Means
Manufacturer: RS Means
Manufacturer Item #: 65520
Format: CD-ROM
Product Type: 2010 Construction Estimating

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The 2010 RS Means CostWorks Design Package is a must for any professional builder!

Purchase the RS Means CostWorks Design Professional Package and save!

2010 Building Construction Cost Data:

The most used, quoted, and respected unit price guide available to the construction industry. It is the professional estimator's first choice of reliable price data for accurate budgeting and estimating.

Means Building Construction Cost Data 2010 contains unit costs for more than 23,500 building components.

The 2010 Reference Section provides the depth of technical detail needed to estimate projects with precision and expertise. This invaluable supplemental information is not found in any other cost reference.

Important enhancements vital to your 2010 estimating work, include:
  • Steel - a comprehensive list of updated cost data for steel products including: Structural/reinforcing steel, joists, studs & pipes. This is a vitally important category for which you'll need the most up to date & accurate cost data.
  • “Green” building construction - materials that are made from recycled products or are environmentally friendly such as waterless toilets, insulation made from recycled materials, rainwater collection systems, paints with no odor or vapors, recycled carpeting and padding, structure relocation (rather than demolition), ground water recovery systems, fuel cells for back-up energy, and solar energy.
  • Security materials and systems - radiation monitoring equipment, window guards, air cleaning devices, uninterruptible power supplies, closed circuit video monitors, security gates, and parking barriers.
  • Mold abatement - substantially expanded and covers air ducts, walls and other applications.
  • Security Systems - costs for various types of security systems including readers, keypads, and other standard identification and access control devices.
  • Demolition Lines - a significant number of selective demolition lines are included.
The 2010 Edition contains information you are looking for such as:
  • The latest construction methods and materials
  • Extensive estimating reference tables
  • Typical square foot costs for 160 buildings
  • Trade labor crew and equipment costs
  • A Key word index
  • A new and improved CHANGE ORDER section that provides pointers, tips, and checklists for pricing change orders.
  • City Cost Indexes covering all three-digit code sectional centers in the U.S. and selected locations in Canada. These cover more than 930 locations in all.

2010 Mechanical Cost Data:

We've got the answers to your questions about HVAC/controls costs.

Definitive data on unit costs for materials, methods, equipment and other building services. Plus for every line item, you get the crew and productivity information you need, as well as bare costs for material, labor and equipment, and costs with overhead and profit.

This cost data is referenced by professionals nationwide from contractors and engineers to architects and facility managers.

Includes hundreds of unit costs for:
  • Basic materials and methods
  • Building services and process piping
  • Plumbing fixtures and equipment
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Heating, ventilation and A/C equipment
  • HVAC instrumentation and controls
  • Testing/Adjusting/Balancing
  • Selective demolition
  • Cable, pipe, insulation
54 Common Assemblies with Easy Plug-In Pricing for Hundreds of Variations.

Assemblies include a range of options in:

  • Energy supply
  • Heat cooling generating systems
  • Distribution systems and package systems
  • Controls and instrumentation
  • Dust/Fume collectors
  • Building sitework

2010 Plumbing Cost Data:

Up-to-date cost data for reliable plumbing budgets, estimates and cost comparisons.

The Means Plumbing Cost Data 2010contains the latest unit price data, systems cost tables, helpful reference tables, estimating tips, and S.F. cost tables - and is your comprehensive estimating resource for plumbing and fire protection construction.

Means Plumbing Cost Data 2010 allows you to:
  • Quote benchmark prices for alternate materials, specs or designs.
  • Get prices for unfamiliar plumbing installations.
  • Price ADA - mandated plumbing installations.
  • Prepare schedules using the labor and equipment productivity data.
  • Quote Square/Cubic Foot costs for plumbing and fire protection in typical buildings such as restaurants, schools, and office buildings.
Additional features for 2010:
  • Over 200 lines of selective demolition costs
  • 100 lines of lint and sand interceptors
  • Expanded coverage of Backflow Preventers.
  • Miscellaneous pipe fittings and supports.
  • Location factors for more than 930 areas cover all U.S. zip code sectional centers and selected Canadian postal zones.
  • Updated unit prices, assemblies cost tables, square foot costs - giving you up-to-date price data for almost every plumbing estimating need.
  • Conforms to the latest CSI Masterformat Master List of Numbers and Titles for Unit Prices and UNIFORMAT II numbering system for the Assemblies section.

2010 Electrical Cost Data:

This is an invaluable resource for anyone involved with the installation, planning and maintenance of electrical equipment and systems.

The RSMeans 2010 Electrical Cost data will reflect the volatility of material and labor costs in the coming year. To cover expenses and protect profit margin, we encourage our customers to order the updated 2010 edition.

The 2010 edition includes:

  • Accurate unit prices for EMT, steel fittings and cable and wire products.
  • The Electrical Assemblies section now uses the UNIFORMAT II numerical system.
  • Wireway unit prices now include NEMA 3R rainproof types in addition to NEMA 1 general purpose types.
  • Expanded electrical outlet box applications include non-metallic material such as PVC and plastic.
  • Expanded totally enclosed motor Class B unit prices to include Premium Efficiency Grade motors.
  • Expanded unit prices for high performance cables, category 5e and 6, to meet increased telecommunications requirements for new and retrofit construction.
  • Expanded unit prices to meet energy conservation requirements.
  • Special telephone and data systems.
And provides:
  • The latest electrical components and materials
  • Up-to-date unit prices
  • Electrical systems prices
  • Extensive estimating reference tables
  • Typical square foot costs for 68 buildings broken down by division
  • Trade labor crew & equipment costs
  • Location cost adjustment factors for 930 regions in the U.S. and Canada

2010 Square Foot Model Costs:

Means Square Foot Costs 2010 is a valuable, time-saving tool that gives you clear descriptions and illustrations of hundreds of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings.

For those preparing more detailed estimates, costs are broken down into "assemblies" component specifications and costs. This fully illustrated section simplifies component identification and pricing.

The 2010 Edition contains:
  • Reliable square foot costs for 75 "standard" structures
  • The latest costs for more than 6,000 building variations, modifications and "add-ons"-so you can keep your estimate current as details are ironed out-and quickly priced out
  • The addition of costs for Internet and Telephone wiring and UPS (uninterruptible power supply) in appropriate models
  • Costs for more than 6,500 in-place components-so you can fine-tune system costs to reflect unique situations
  • Location factors, arranged by zip code, for more than 930 different sites in the U.S. and Canada. Makes it easy to estimate accurately for your particular locale
  • An A-Z Glossary that provides definitions of unfamiliar terms

With costs for more than 75 standard structures-for every model structure, you'll find cost per square foot of floor area for a range of sizes and types.

Structures that are priced for you include:
  • Data center (computer)
  • Hotels
  • Churches
  • Single-story factories and office buildings
  • Residences and custom luxury homes
  • Convenience & department stores
  • Schools and day care facilities
  • Sports facilities
  • Car dealerships and service stations
  • Fire and police stations
  • Hospitals and other health care facilities
  • Apartment Buildings-up to 24 stories
  • Restaurants
  • And more.


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