2010 RS Means Costworks Builders Package

2010 RS Means Costworks Builders Package

Item #: 310-5518-10
Publisher: RS Means
Manufacturer: RS Means
Manufacturer Item #: 65510
Format: CD-ROM
Product Type: 2010 Construction Estimating

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2010 Residential Cost Data:

Means Residential Cost Data 2010 organizes every aspect of residential construction pricing into 3 major estimating sections, square foot costs; assemblies costs, and unit costs.

The 2010 edition covers:

More than 30 reliable square foot cost models for popular types of residential construction in a simple-to-use format. 100 commonly used residential construction systems with a wide variety of alternative specifications and prices. Residential unit costs covering more than 10,000 items for the major CSI divisions. The 2010 Edition includes updated How to use pages.

Also includes:

Reference Section: 30 pages of definitive information on construction costs, how costs are developed, and where they come from. Extensive Location Factors to adjust material and labor costs to more than 930 U.S. zip codes and selected locations in Canada. The building types covered by this comprehensive resource are Residential single-family and multi-family economy, average, custom and luxury buildings.

2010 Light Commercial Cost Data:

The Means Light Commercial Cost Data 2010 is organized into three major estimating sections: Square Foot Costs, Assemblies Costs, and Unit Costs, and covers every aspect of light commercial construction pricing costs including apartment buildings, motels, office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, education, social, and medical institutions. The 2010 edition covers:

Reliable square foot costs for 43 common structures that lets you put a preliminary price on a job in one hour or less. You can also add modifications and common extras to enhance accuracy, and easily check the price effect of materials, quality, size and more.

Authoritative assemblies costs that put installed prices for more than 150 standard systems right at your fingertips and lets you simplify cost comparisons and systems estimating. These are easily modified for greater reliability thanks to plug-in costs for thousands of alternate specs and configurations.

Up-to-date unit costs for 12,000 materials and tasks save you time - double check supplier invoices, pricing, new components, compare costs, and back up estimates.

2010 Site Work & Landscape Cost Data:

If your work involves site work and landscape designing, engineering, construction, management, or consulting, this 2010 cost reference is one of the most valuable estimating tools you can use in your work.

The Means Site Work & Landscape Cost 2010 includes unit and assemblies cost tables for sewerage, piped utilities, site improvements, handicapped access ramps, drainage, paving, street openings, repairs, trees and shrubs, underground tanks, railroad and marine work walls, site work and landscape construction of all types.

Plan, budget, and estimate site work construction with 100 % confidence with this comprehensive cost manual.

Included in the 2010 edition:
  • Data that's in step with 2010, estimating for infrastructure improvements, environment-oriented construction, hazardous waste, ADA - mandates handicapped access.
  • Polyethylene pipe, insulated concrete forms, aerators, soil nailing, concrete curbs, demolition items, utilities and security items.
  • A large unit price section that lets you prepare accurate, and complete estimates.
  • The latest guidelines and background references for solving site work estimating problems.
  • 57 tables of assemblies costs.
  • Updated City Cost Indexes and Location Factors.
  • Data that conforms to the latest CSI Masterformat Master List of Numbers and Titles for Unit Prices and UNIFORMAT II numbering system for the Assemblies section.

2010 Concrete & Masonry Cost Data:

For accurate, complete concrete / masonry estimating data...

The Means Concrete & Masonry Cost Data 2010 contains the latest unit price data, with illustrated concrete and masonry assemblies cost tables, helpful reference data and estimating aids. This is your guide to fast, accurate concrete and masonry estimating in 2010.

The fluctuation of material prices in the last year have been unprecedented - guarantee access to the latest and most accurate cost data - order your 2010 Edition today.

Your 2010 Edition includes additional cost data in the following sections:
  • Updated unit prices for structural steel, reinforcing rods, and ready mix concrete.
  • Coverage of selective demolition line items across multiple divisions.
  • Concrete surface treatments. . . the latest additives, agents, and compounds.
  • Masonry cleaning and restoration. . . . with cleaning and caulking products, and techniques.
  • Unit prices for more than 8,000 construction components. From decorative concrete block to handicap access ramps, you'll find it's your ideal source for quick-check pricing, cost comparisons, scheduling assistance, and unit price estimating.

2010 Open Shop Building Construction Cost Data:

The Building Construction Cost Data with open shop labor pricing.

The Means Open Shop Building Construction Cost Data 2010 provides you with the reliability you need to stay ahead of your competition and more than 23,000 unit costs for open shop construction in the United States and Canada. The labor rates apply to skilled workers responsible for installation. Wage rates in this edition are based on the results of continuing national research.

Instant access to detailed costs for more than 20,000 building component prices, including material, labor, and equipment plus productivity information including labor hours and daily output for open shop crews.
Comprehensive, up-to-date cost data for merit shop construction estimating.


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