RS Means - Mechanical Cost Data, 2010

RS Means - Mechanical Cost Data, 2010

Item #: 310-4308-10
ISBN: 0876298196
ISBN13: 9780876298190
Publisher: RS Means
Manufacturer: RS Means
Manufacturer Item #: 9780876298190
Format: Paperback
Product Type: 2010 Construction Estimating

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The newly updated 2010 Edition of RS Means - Mechanical Cost Data

We've got the answers to your questions about HVAC/controls costs.

Definitive data on unit costs for materials, methods, equipment and other building services. Plus for every line item, you get the crew and productivity information you need, as well as bare costs for material, labor and equipment, and costs with overhead and profit.

This cost data is referenced by professionals nationwide from contractors and engineers to architects and facility managers.

Includes hundreds of unit costs for:
  • Basic materials and methods
  • Building services and process piping
  • Plumbing fixtures and equipment
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Heating, ventilation and A/C equipment
  • HVAC instrumentation and controls
  • Testing/Adjusting/Balancing
  • Selective demolition
  • Cable, pipe, insulation
54 Common Assemblies with Easy Plug-In Pricing for Hundreds of Variations.

Assemblies include a range of options in:

  • Energy supply
  • Heat cooling generating systems
  • Distribution systems and package systems
  • Controls and instrumentation
  • Dust/Fume collectors
  • Building sitework


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