RS Means - Heavy Construction Cost Data, 2010

RS Means - Heavy Construction Cost Data, 2010

Item #: 310-3268-10
ISBN: 0876299974
ISBN13: 9780876299975
Publisher: RS Means
Manufacturer: RS Means
Manufacturer Item #: 9780876299975
Format: Paperback
Product Type: 2010 Construction Estimating

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The newly updated for 2010 RS Means - Heavy Construction Cost Data

Prepare complete and accurate heavy construction estimates.

With Means Heavy Construction Cost Data 2010, you get costs for all types of heavy construction-from highways, bridges, utilities, rails and marine projects, to sanitary and storm sewer projects-which lets you estimate a wider range of street and roadway construction. This cost data is excellent for D.O.C., J.O.C., S.A.B.E.R., and B.O.S. projects.

Valuable information includes:

14,000 up-to-date price assemblies cost tables, and estimating reference section, crew tables, and costs for new construction; demolition work; repairs; replacements and change orders.

Global prices and availability of oil, steel and cement are impacting a number of product lines - the 2010 edition will tell you which ones.

Complete coverage for:
  • Subsurface Investigation
  • Excavation, Demolition and Reclamation
  • Site Preparation and foundations
  • Materials, Equipment
  • Sheeting, Cofferdams, Earthwork
  • Pre-engineered Structures
  • Tunneling and Micro tunneling
  • Bridges, Piles, Caissons
  • Railroad, Marine Work and airports
  • Paving, Surfacing and Striping
  • Water, Fuel Distribution and Piped Utilities
  • Sewerage, Drainage and Dewatering
  • Ponds, Reservoirs, waterways
  • Power Communications
  • Site Improvements and Landscaping
  • Power Transmission and Distribution
  • Assemblies for sever, transportation & waterways


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