RS Means - CostWorks Facilities Construction Cost Data, 2010 CD-ROM

RS Means - CostWorks Facilities Construction Cost Data, 2010 CD-ROM

Item #: 310-3172-10
Publisher: RS Means
Manufacturer: RS Means
Manufacturer Item #: 65200
Format: CD-ROM
Product Type: 2010 Construction Estimating

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Gain immediate access to every imaginable cost with RS Means - CostWorks Facilities Construction Cost Data

Available December 2009. Purchase now and you are not charged until your order is shipped!

An indespensible resource for contractors, government agencies and facilities professionals. The prime source of data for most D.O.C., J.O.C. and S.A.B.E.R contracts.

The Means Facilities Construction Cost Data 2010 Book is devoted specifically to the needs of professionals responsible for the maintenance, construction and renovation of commercial, industrial, municipal, and institutional properties. This reference provides immediate access to every imaginable cost associated with facilities construction and renovation, plus many common maintenance items-with more than 40,000 unit price line items.

This comprehensive guide includes:

  • Thousands of unit prices not found in any other Means book: site work; fire protection systems; access flooring; magnetic card readers; plumbing fixtures; architectural equipment; conduit and cables; selective demo.
  • Plumbing assembly pages for baths, kitchen sinks, lavatories; service sinks, showers, urinals, water coolers; and water closets.
  • A Building assemblies cost section for a faster approach to pricing out facilities construction, and a Square foot Cost section to give you a quick order of magnitude costs.
  • A Reference section which includes 90 reference tables, charts, estimating aids, and technical data to provide you with the depth of technical detail to estimate projects with precision and expertise.
  • City Cost Indexes for all e digit zip code sectional centers in the U.S. and selected locations in Canada.
  • Localize costs to your geographic area for better accuracy.
  • Easily search and organize detailed cost data.
  • Highlight individual lines with our virtual notes capability.
  • Determine best-cost solutions for each project.
  • Change and calculate results automatically.


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