RS Means - Building Construction Cost Data, 2010

RS Means - Building Construction Cost Data, 2010

Item #: 310-2745-10
ISBN: 0876297467
ISBN13: 9780876297469
Publisher: RS Means
Manufacturer: RS Means
Manufacturer Item #: 9780876297469
Format: Paperback
Product Type: 2010 Construction Estimating

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The new RS Means Building Construction Cost Data has been updated for 2010

The most used, quoted, and respected unit price guide available to the construction industry. It is the professional estimator's first choice of reliable price data for accurate budgeting and estimating.

Means Building Construction Cost Data 2010 Book contains unit costs for more than 23,500 building components. These costs are carefully prepared from the experience of thousands of contractors and suppliers in the twelve months just before the book is published.

The 2010 Reference Section provides the depth of technical detail needed to estimate projects with precision and expertise. This invaluable supplemental information is not found in any other cost reference.

Important enhancements vital to your 2010 estimating work, include:
  • Steel - a comprehensive list of updated cost data for steel products including: Structural/reinforcing steel, joists, studs & pipes. This is a vitally important category for which you'll need the most up to date & accurate cost data.
  • “Green” building construction - materials that are made from recycled products or are environmentally friendly such as waterless toilets, insulation made from recycled materials, rainwater collection systems, paints with no odor or vapors, recycled carpeting and padding, structure relocation (rather than demolition), ground water recovery systems, fuel cells for back-up energy, and solar energy.
  • Security materials and systems - radiation monitoring equipment, window guards, air cleaning devices, uninterruptible power supplies, closed circuit video monitors, security gates, and parking barriers.
  • Mold abatement - substantially expanded and covers air ducts, walls and other applications.
  • Security Systems - costs for various types of security systems including readers, keypads, and other standard identification and access control devices.
  • Demolition Lines - a significant number of selective demolition lines are included.
The 2010 Edition contains information you are looking for such as:
    • The latest construction methods and materials
    • Extensive estimating reference tables
    • Typical square foot costs for 160 buildings
    • Trade labor crew and equipment costs
    • A Key word index
    • A new and improved CHANGE ORDER section that provides pointers, tips, and checklists for pricing change orders.
    • City Cost Indexes covering all three-digit code sectional centers in the U.S. and selected locations in Canada. These cover more than 930 locations in all.


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